There Are Plenty Of Car Insurance Myths That Need Debunking

Tempcover-Top-Car-Insurance-Myths-banner1-300x180When talking to your friends and family about car insurance there is a lot of misinformation that people believe wholeheartedly. Sometimes it’s because they’ve been told by their parents these same stories that have been handed down for decades. Some car insurance myths do have some basis in fact, but most were invented for the purposeĀ  of scaring someone into driving better, or fooling around less.

Most Car Insurance Companies Don’t Care About The Car Color

There has been a myth for years that red cars get more tickets and black cars have more accidents, but much of that is false as well. You can check with your insurance agent and he’ll tell you the color doesn’t matter. If you have doubts, you can call some other agents and get quotes to see if they even ask what color your car is. Of course, if you do buy their insurance they’ll need to know, but the rate will already have been decided by then.

If An Accident Isn’t Your Fault Your Rates Won’t Increase

This can be true or false depending on the company you’re with. If you are already insured with them, and they don’t pay out on the claim, they most likely won’t check your driving record every year. However, if the other driver is uninsured and your company has to pay out under collision coverage, you may pay more because you’ve filed a claim. Each company will be different, plus accidents that aren’t filed with the DMV and aren’t paid on, won’t be on any kind of record for them to check.

Uninsured Motorist Won’t Cover Your Car If The Guy That Hits You Doesn’t Have Insurance

The uninsured motorist coverage is only for bodily injury coverage for you and those in your car in the event that you have an injury accident that’s not your fault, but that the other guy has no insurance. This coverage will also kick in if the other at-fault driver has insurance but not enough to cover your medical bills, or the medical bills of your passengers. This is a good reason to always have plenty of uninsured motorist coverage, hospital bills are incredible these days, and it could bankrupt a millionaire paying for your own.

There are plenty of car insurance myths, some have a little basis in fact but have been twisted just enough to be confusing. It’s always a good idea to have your agent explain each of the coverages to you a couple of times per year to avoid any costly confusion.