Looking Into Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage

This image shows pretty much everything that comprehensive coverage protects drivers from.

This image shows pretty much everything that comprehensive coverage protects drivers from.

Insurance is really important in many avenues in life. However, car insurance can be especially important. Most people are required to have some form of it just in case something happens and they get into an accident.

However, what happens when something happens with their car that is not an accident? Most regular plans do not cover such things. However, there is something called comprehensive car insurance coverage that may be able to take care of that. You can learn more about it below.

This type of car insurance is aptly named “comprehensive” because it covers a lot more than regular car insurance does. This insurance can cover damage to your car in case of theft, an object or objects falling onto your car, animal damage, natural disasters, fire, vandalism, and other civil disobedience that negatively affect your vehicle.

There are certain instances when this type of coverage is required. One such instance is if you are thinking of selling off a car that is already paid for. While you may think that just having it repaired without buying extra coverage would be within your budget, that may not be the case if your vehicle has a high Kelly Blue Book value. So, it may be worthwhile in that case.

Another case that you may need to have this kind of insurance coverage is if your current auto insurance lender or leaseholder requires it. You would have to talk to whomever is in charge of this in order to find out, but this coverage is often required if your vehicle is being leased or if you are still making payments on it.

While it sounds like a comprehensive insurance plan may be the only type of plan you need for your car, you would be mistaken. Despite the word “comprehensive,” it cannot protect against everything.

For example, it does not cover anything if your vehicle is hit by another vehicle. It also does not cover medical costs associated with accidents. Damage caused by collisions are also not covered. These policies also do not cover legal fees, lost wages, or anything associated with the aftermath of a standard car accident.

As you can see, there is a lot that comprehensive vehicle insurance coverage can cover when it comes to protecting your vehicle from outside accidents. However, it is not the ultimate car insurance, as it does not cover the circumstances of regular auto accidents.