Finding Car Insurance For Teenagers


16, 17, 18 and 19 year olds have it even tougher than young drivers between ages of 20 and 25. With stats showing that teens are the least safe drivers, car insurance rates tend to be incredibly high for teenagers.

If you’re seeking car insurance for teenagers you’re going to want to do some shopping around for the best possible rates. Here are some tips to help you find the best rates for teenagers.

Drivers Ed

It doesn’t matter how great of a driver your teenager is if they don’t take drivers ed. The insurance company won’t give them a decent discount if they don’t take the class. Enroll your teenager in a drivers ed class as soon as they reach the required age and you should see a nice discount on your students insurance rates.

A lot of insurance policies will give your student a nice discount as long as they successfully pass their drivers education class. Check with your insurance company to see how this works for your policy.

Good Student Discount

If your student receives good grades he or she may also qualify for a good student discount rate. Encourage your teenager to work hard in school so that you can receive a good rate.

If your student isn’t getting good grades you can use this as a great incentive for your teen to get better grades. Better grades equal lower insurance premiums so do what you can to help your student get great grades.

Car Model

Many car models are more expensive to insure than other car models. Check the premium before you buy by asking your insurance company what it would be for a specific model.

If it’s too high, consider a different model and work your way through in this fashion until you find a model that you can readily afford to insure.


Your teen should be contributing if not paying in full to the premium for their own car insurance. This may require an after school or weekend job so that they have the money to pay for their car insurance.

Statistics show that when teens have to pay for things themselves, they are much more likely to be more responsible and behave accordingly. Encourage your teen to follow this protocol to receive driving privileges.

These tips should help your teen to get better insurance rates and become more responsible. Many people just balk at the premiums but pay it anyway.

When you’re considering car insurance for teenagers you need to consider the overall picture and put as much responsibility onto the teenager as you can possibly give them.