Car Insurance For Young Drivers – Advice For Reducing Monthly Premiums

younger-guy-driverWhen parents are looking for car insurance for young drivers, there are a few factors they should take into consideration.  First, adding a young driver to their insurance policy will probably be pretty expensive, so parents will want to search for any discounts or package deals they can find.Y Young drivers can also do their part to help minimize the cost to their parents.

Drive Safely

The single biggest factor in calculating car insurance premiums is the driving history. A young driver should drive as safely and as carefully as possible.  Any tickets or accidents will almost immediately result in an increase on their car insurance premiums. A few tips to help young drivers avoid moving violations and accidents:

  • Focus on driving.  Do not text and drive.  Do not talk on the phone or even have friends in the car for the first several months.
  • Stay alert.  Never drive when you are sleepy or taking medications.
  • Be aware of other drivers. Always check your mirrors before changing lanes or turning.  Try and think ahead and predict what other driver’s might do.
  • Compensate for weather. Weather can change everything, so always be aware of any potential weather issues.  If you must travel in bad weather, slow down and be prepared and alert.
  • Practice makes perfect. When you are new to driving, practice in a safe environment. Stay on smaller, less crowded roads until you are comfortable in the vehicle. Plan out your route so you have an idea of where you will be traveling and anything you may face along the way.

There are other steps a young driver or their parents can take to help lower their car insurance rates.

  • Add an anti-theft device. If you car does not already have one, add an anti-theft device to your car.  This will help lower your insurance rates and will also help protect your car.
  • Lower the annual mileage. The more the car is driven, the higher the insurance premium, so try and minimize the number of miles you will be driving the vehicle, if possible. If you will be going away to school, consider leaving your car at home until you are a little older and a more experienced driver.
  • Keep your grades up. Most car insurance companies offer a discount for a good student, so try and keep your grades at least a B average.

Taking these steps and shopping around can help you and your parents find the best car insurance for young drivers.